5 reasons to visit Dullstroom, besides fishing

Think Dullstroom is just about fishing? Nope. Here I round-up all the other cool things you can do if your man or friends are out catching dinner in their gumboots.

  1. Their cutesy accommodation: I stayed at the Fox’s Hill. It was so lovely. Fox’s Hill is separated into 4 little cottages: Fox’s Hill, Fox’s Lair, Fox’s Loft and Fox’s Meadow. I stayed in Fox’s Liar, and it was on of the cutest places I’ve ever stayed in.
  2. The food: Mayfly Restaurant and Cocktail Bar. Make sure you book.
  3. Beer tasting: At the Anvil Ale you can complimentary taste their different ales. My favourite was the Blonde Ale; if you decide to eat there too, order the trout quiche.
  4. Treats to buy: The Farm Stall has great treats to bring home for your family. I got my dad a packet of homemade bran rusks and my mom and grandfather a packet of fudge. Apparently, their roosterkoek is unbelievable, but I went there in the morning and they hadn’t started cooking it yet, so it’s on my to-do-list for next time.
  5. Whisky tasting: Wild about whisky, conveniently next door to Fox’s Hill is a must. Booking is recommended for tastings with groups of 4 and over.



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