Change of season flu – what’s really going on…

Have you ever wandered why the change of season might have you feeling under the weather? I ask my fabulous best friend, Harriet Thompson, who’s also a doctor (annoying right?) to give us the low-down on what really happens… over to you Dr T:

“Change in season comes with a change in temperature, which alone has no impact on our health. It’s a common misconception that being cold makes us get sick. (Insert mental image of your granny wagging her finger at you as you attempt to leave the house with wet hair). However, there is no strong scientific explanation for this theory. Rather than the change in Celsius, it’s more likely the subsequent environmental changes that make us sick. For example we get sick in winter not because it’s cold but because we spend more time indoors with the heaters on – blasting people’s crusty germ-laden snot around the office. Incubating the critters at just the right temperature to keep them thriving just long enough to crawl into your boyfriend’s nose as you cuddle up next to him by the fire. In spring we are exposed to new pollens which aggregate sinusitis and hay fever and in summer we are often more dehydrated and unable to excrete toxins as well as normal. Well that’s the western medicine logic anyway. Some alternative medial disciplines suggest that on an energetic level we are intrinsically linked with the Earth’s energy and a change in weather can cause a disturbance in our own energy field. My advice: keep your immune system at optimal function come rain or shine by making sure you stay hydrated and get enough zinc and vitamin C.”

If you have any burning questions to ask Dr T, please send them through. Next time she’ll be talking about which vitamins to stock up on and how much of each you should be taking.

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