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My fitness muse

Whenever I need fitness motivation I turn to Serena Jaed for advice, she’s got the hottest body I know (literally) and being a doctor she knows the health benefits of her eating plan. I ask her to tell Sneak Peek how she says super fit (and smoking hot), even during her incredibly busy schedule…

“Whenever I feel like I’ve indulged a bit too much for too long I follow a sugar-free eating plan or structured intermittent fasting for three days (longer is just too much for me) … there are so many health benefits from cutting out sugar, other than a slimming waistline, it also prevents cancer, insulin resistance (diabetes), hypertension and dental caries to name a few. Calorie restriction and intermittent fasting is thought to contribute to longevity and has been the focus of some interesting centennial studies of people who live to be 100 years old.”

An example of a compensatory sugar-free day:

Breakfast: egg white omelette with mint green tea or Rooibos (no milk).

Snack at 10am: 30g Almonds (Woolworths sells these in individual packs so it’s super easy to pack it in your lunch box)

Lunch: Chicken breast and salad/veggies

Snack: 2/3 Tbs hummus and something to dip into it (carrots, broccoli, cauliflower) or biltong

Dinner: Another type of protein (like extra lean mince, a steak, sardines, mackerel or

I’ll break the budget and get the Salmon with mustard seeds* from Woolies) with veggies.

I try to keep my meals exciting when I’m following this eating plan, so I don’t get bored. No sugar, simple carbs or dairy allowed. Drink 2L water/day.


My training schedule

I train every day except Sunday. This consists of:

  1. Pilates and Yoga 3x/week to maintain long muscle bodies and good posture.
  2. Weight training every day of different body parts i.e. Monday – back, Tuesday – chest, Wednesday – glutes etc. Do weights before cardio to deplete glycogen stores so we can into fat burning quicker. Do 3 sets of 12-15 reps and make sure that the weight is heavy enough so you can only just manage the last rep. If you are dying by rep 6 you are bulking and if you can keep going after 15 the exercise is pointless.
  3. If am trying to lose fat and shred before summer I’ll fit in a 30-45 min cardio session every morning before work on an empty stomach. This is essential, never miss cardio! We can afford to skip the other stuff but not cardio. Keep your heart rate between 65-75% of your max heart rate, this is the fat burning rate. You’ll be surprised how little effort it is to maintain, we’re talking fast walking or a slow jog. I then wait an hour before I have breakfast to miss the anabolic window – that’s the period guys aim to drink their protein shake when they are trying to bulk.


Always have one rest day/week -where you eat the leanest and least

Always do leg weights on the day you’re planning a cheat meal.

Try have two cheat meals a week. Emphasis on cheat meals, not cheat days! Keep meals before and after lean. Plan ahead. I know on a Friday evening my boyfriend likes to get burgers and go for drinks with friends after so I have a light breakfast and salad for lunch.

Always compensate the day after a big cheat and be super good that day, this is the day to train twice and fit in that extra afternoon pilates/boxing/yoga/Barre class. Try to keep cal<1000 or if you don’t like counting calories this means eating a good breakfast, a light lunch like a chicken salad and no dinner (fast day). This is my best-kept secret & the reason people wonder how I eat so much and stay lean. I learnt it from my dad, who was a world title holding Body Building champ and is another tip you can find in the book ‘Why French Women Don’t Get Fat’ and the 5:2 diet.

Pinterest has great salad ideas. Always have a salad for lunch or dinner.


After three days on the sugar-free eating plan 

I introduce milk back into my coffee

For breakfast I alternate between having eggs; Pronuto; white yoghurt and berries; or jungle oats with almonds and raisins (Adrian Lima eats that for breakfast, and if it’s good enough for a Victoria Secret Angel then it’s good enough for me)

Snack: Apple and 1Tsp peanut butter

I introduce brown rice/quinoa/half a sweet potato with my lunch .

Dinner is a salad.

I don’t think of this as a diet, rather how I have to live Monday to Friday so I that can do what I like on weekends and have the body I want. I’m constantly adjusting my diet to suit my schedule and budget. This is just where I am right now on the road to figuring out a sustainable and enjoyable lifestyle for myself that will result in a long healthy life with a great body!


You can follow Serena on Instagram @serenajaed

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