How Chanel Grantham is her own boss at 27!

My #girlcrush this week is Chanel Grantham, co-owner of Herbivore, and is expecting a baby boy in September. She is officially my first friend to be having a baby and I couldn’t be more excited for her. She shares with Sneak Peek some advice on starting your own business and the best tips for staying stylish with a baby bump. Some gals really do have it all!

Miss Earth 2

How did Herbivore start?

With Davey (Chanel’s bf) being raw vegan and myself a vegetarian, I’ve always made kale chips and other healthy raw snacks for ourselves, friends and family to nibble on. I kept being surprised at how overwhelmingly complimentary people were on the taste of the snacks. I think it’s because they couldn’t believe that raw, nutritious snacks could taste great. So the seed to start our business was planted by friends always asking where they could buy these snacks.

Davey has also always been my biggest advocate to create a brand because he has tasted so many products and has always loved the snacks that I made the most. But then again, is this not what all good boyfriends should say (haha).

I guess you could say that the big “push” to get started came after a short visit to my parents in KZN where I took a batch of kale chips home for Easter. A family friend of my Dad, Greg, who is an avid cyclist and sportsman tasted them and was so impressed with the taste and nutritional values that he offered to buy a batch. We soon realised that there is a broader market than vegans and vegetarians looking for great tasting, high quality, raw, organic snack options. Very soon after that visit home, Davey encouraged me to hand in my resignation and get raw fooding – Herbivore was born!


What tips do you have for someone wanting to venture out and start their own business?

Many people have great ideas but get hung up on trying to devise an elaborate business plan. Don’t over think things. Instead, work through the challenges as they come. It’s good to have a business plan, but don’t make it a prerequisite to getting started. It’s more important to have loads of energy and a huge dose of “get up and go!” Start selling your product at a market, or at work to colleagues, or even friends and family. The point is, start somewhere. Most of your learnings happen as you push forward.

Secondly, whatever it is you decide to do, make sure it adds value. Ask yourself the question “How is my product or service going to help society?” Whether it’s benefiting, people or the environment (better still, both), your product/service must be of value. Often you don’t have to re-invent the wheel, but your offering must be better than the current model.

I know it’s like asking a mother to choose between children, but what product from Herbivore is your particular favourite?

Herbivore Bird’s Eye Chilli kale chips – I love spicy food and this flavour sure is spicy;)

Bird's eye chilli

 Have you decided what you are going to call your baby boy?

I’ve always loved the name Noah – it sounds solid and strong. So our baby is Noah.

Chanel 1

 Where have you been shopping now that your bump is getting bigger?

I’ve bought two pairs of maternity jeans from H&M and that’s it. I’ve avoided buying excessive amounts of maternity wear that I’ll never use anytime soon (well unless baby number 2 comes along;) That said, H&M has a great range of trendy maternity wear – their skinny jeans and pants fit amazingly.

Chanel 5

 What does it feel like to be a mom for the first time?

Honestly, it’s surreal and beautiful. Surreal to think there’s a beautiful living human being growing inside my belly – it’s an indescribable feeling. Davey and I have planned a natural home water birth and we’re beyond excited.

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Pictures: Ayeh Khalatbari

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