The top 3 myths about working at a magazine

I’ve been working at Grazia magazine for 4 years now, and as I say goodbye at the end of this month, 229 issues later…


I debunk the most common misconceptions people make about working in this industry:

Myth #1 Working at a magazine is really glamorous



Don’t get me wrong, working at a fashion mag has a lot of perks but 98% of the time everyone in the team is working their tooshes off to produce the best glossy they can – in a very limited about of time. In Grazia’s case: one magazine, in 5 working days! There is definitely a lot more coffee than champagne being consumed on a day-to-day basis.


Myth #2 Magazine employees are really bitchy!



This obviously has to do with your team and the magazine you work for, at a previous job colleagues joked about bringing rabbit pate to my office birthday brunch when they knew my pet rabbit was sick!


But on the whole, this industry is filled with the most amazing, hard-working people you can imagine. Grazia’s gals are the best, though!! #definitelynotbiased


Myth #3 Everyone’s makeup and outfits are on fleek, all day, er’day



With the exception of our fashion department, everyone has their off days, and that was usually me: wearing flats and no makeup. Sorry Miranda Priestly, but my editors (Dan, Kerrie, Nicola, and Zan) were way nicer and cooler than you!


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