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Scissor sister Shanti

I’ve crushed on this hair guru for nearly a year: Shanti O’Hagan, co-owner of Mop Hair is one of the best hair stylists I’ve been to – I made my appointment for this Saturday (23 September), all the way in March! She chats to me about the challenges that come with starting your own company, S/S18 hair trends to watch out for, and (most importantly) how long it takes her  to style her flawless locks every morning.

When did you start Mop Hair Salon? What were the biggest challenges starting your own company?

I opened Mop Hair exactly five years ago (the day after my 30th birthday) with my business partner Sonet Pope. I would say the biggest challenges were finding the right staff and learning to manage my stress levels. It’s easy to let the pressure get to you but learning to keep perspective, be objective and not take everything personally has been a real gift.

How long do you take on your hair every morning? And how often do you wash your locks?

I’m all about maximum impact with minimum effort. The less time I spend styling my hair in the morning the better. I’d say ten minutes. I wash my hair about every second day. I regularly do heated yoga so I have to wash it pretty often.

If your clients only buy one product, what do you suggest and why?

The Great Hydrator by EVO, R385. It is a natural, vegan, moisture mask that gives moisture to the hair without weighing it down. It is suitable for most hair types and smells incredible.

Not only do you have amazing hair, but your skin is radiant (unfair right!), what beauty products do you swear by?

Thank you! I’m all about keeping it as natural as possible. I bounce between Dr. Hauschka, Aesop, and a beautiful local skin care range I recently discovered called The Creamery. My skin tends to be quite dehydrated so I love oils and anything that gives my skin a fresh dewy look.

What hot hair-trend have you noticed coming through for this year’s spring/summer?

I feel like there are so many hair trends at the moment it’s almost like anything goes. We are still doing a lot of pastels in the salon and I certainly think that will carry on well into spring and summer. Natural balayage is still huge as is platinum and icy blondes. I feel like coppers and copper-gold tones will start creeping in towards the end of 2017. In terms of cutting and styling it’s all about natural beachy texture and summer waves that will continue to be popular going into the summer months but after that, I’d love to start getting sleeker and blunter with my cuts and really focus on creating some strong beautiful shapes.

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