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A sneak peek in Sam’s handbag

Sam Growdon, editor at La Belle Crush, has to be one of my favourite bloggers. This woman crush Wednesday I take a sneak peek inside her handbag, to find out what this fabulous blogger never leaves the house without:


1. Louis Vuitton, small card holder

2. Bobbi Brown, lip balm

3. Prada, sunglasses

4. Saint Laurent Paris, wallet

5. Estée Lauder, pure colour envy, lipstick

6. Estée Lauder, double wear concealer

7. Goyard Paris, small change purse

8. Louis Vuitton, handbag

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My fitness muse

Whenever I need fitness motivation I turn to Serena Jaed for advice, she’s got the hottest body I know (literally) and being a doctor she knows the health benefits of her eating plan. I ask her to tell Sneak Peek how she says super fit (and smoking hot), even during her incredibly busy schedule…

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