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My new obsession đź’«

I’ve started swopping clothes with all my friends (that you get to keep for one month only) and I can’t believe I didn’t think of doing this sooner! By now you know, I own a narrow 100 items in my wardrobe so this genius idea couldn’t have come sooner.

It started when my friend, Roxy, went on a spontaneous trip to America. She was leaving that week and wanted a few ‘new’ items for her trip,  we both found some clothes in our wardrobe that we wouldn’t mind temporally parting with (for that month only) and the ULTIMATE CLOTHES SWOP WAS BORN. On top of giving your cupboard an instant refresh without spending loads, clothes swop is considered an act of environmentalism #SCORE!

This week I borrowed some amazing dresses from my friend Nicole, here’s how I dressed one up for work today:

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My Valentine #WCW

Joining ICE Genetics last year was a highlight for me, this week I chat with their Operations Director, DonnĂ©. She shares with Sneak Peek what it takes to be a successful model these days (no, aesthetic beauty is not enough!) and how she finds the time to go to the gym, be an amazing mom and head up one of the most respected agencies in South Africa. This #girlboss is giving BeyoncĂ© a run for her money…

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Pajamas ALL day!

So it’s no secret that I’m obsessed with all of my gran’s clothes (yip, even her pajamas!) This ruby velvet dressing gown is becoming a staple for me during Cape Town’s transitional weather. I scouted the stores to find some other PJ gems that you can wear 9-5pm.

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