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My Valentine #WCW

Joining ICE Genetics last year was a highlight for me, this week I chat with their Operations Director, Donné. She shares with Sneak Peek what it takes to be a successful model these days (no, aesthetic beauty is not enough!) and how she finds the time to go to the gym, be an amazing mom and head up one of the most respected agencies in South Africa. This #girlboss is giving Beyoncé a run for her money…

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Pajamas ALL day!

So it’s no secret that I’m obsessed with all of my gran’s clothes (yip, even her pajamas!) This ruby velvet dressing gown is becoming a staple for me during Cape Town’s transitional weather. I scouted the stores to find some other PJ gems that you can wear 9-5pm.

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24 hours in Ibiza

After a one-hour flight from Valencia, Spain while on holiday in Europe, I found myself in the world’s party capital, a friend I was staying with in the third-largest Spanish city had WhatsApped me to “politely” ask if I’d join her and her DJ boyfriend, who was playing at a gig in Ibiza. I “politely screamed” yes!’ Here are my top island tips…

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