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Great tips for organising your bedroom

I have a very weird obsession with organising things and cleaning. I’ll spend hours in my room tidying – weird I know! So, I thought I’d put together my most useful tips for organising your bedroom:

  • Keep products grouped together inside your drawers

Drawers can easily get super messy without this system. I got these nifty white crates from Plastic Land, but old ice-cream tubs will do the trick too!

I do the same trick with all my earrings and sunglasses…

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How Chanel Grantham is her own boss at 27!

My #girlcrush this week is Chanel Grantham, co-owner of Herbivore, and is expecting a baby boy in September. She is officially my first friend to be having a baby and I couldn’t be more excited for her. She shares with Sneak Peek some advice on starting your own business and the best tips for staying stylish with a baby bump. Some gals really do have it all!
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