Handbag essentials

Going on holiday and don’t know where to start? I give you the break-down on what to pack in your handbag, so you are prepared for any occasion. Actually, give Mary Poppins a run for her money and keep these items in your bag all year-round…

  1. Nail file, make sure you don’t pack the metal version that will be confiscated if you are flying.


  1. Lip lice, I love using the flavoured labellos while travelling, not only do they keep your lips super moisturized but that extra bit a colour makes your lips look great 24/7.


  1. Mini-suntan cream, I always carry this little bottle around in my handbag, I have very fair skin so have to be very careful in the sun.


  1. Tissues


  1. Plasters, this mini pack from Dis-chem is perfect for travelling.


  1. Canderal, if you don’t like using sugar, it’s always a good idea to carry sweetner around with you


  1. Head phones


  1. Painkillers, along with valoid and buscopan. Rather be safe than sorry.


  1. Deodorant


  1. Eye drops, I suffer from dry eyes so this is also something I never leave the house without.


  1. Detol hand sanitizer


  1. Chewing gum


  1. Ear plugs


  1. Hair band
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